Building Visions

Harrest creates and develops visionary real estate projects in urban areas with high-growth potential

We follow an ethical approach to real estate development, where projects also promote social responsibility, sustainability, innovation and diversity.

Scouting Investment Opportunities

A tailor-made scouting process to identify single or multiple lots in high-growth potential areas of top urban locations.

Creating a Visionary Real Estate Development Project

Working with top creative partners to imagine and design innovative and unique projects that can break into the market and build a legacy in the urban context.

Delivering the Highest Quality and Return

Our projects are perfectly balanced to deliver at the same time the highest product quality to our end users and the highest return to our investors.

No boundaries

We enjoy a global approach with no physical boundaries: the market is everywhere we find an opportunity.

We focus on small and medium size real estate developments with high return potential, either building from the ground or renovating existing properties.

We begin with a unique and visionary creative process and we mix it with the highest professional standards in market analysis and financial planning.

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